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Prism monitoring - multiway adaptor

Pangea Geosystems are the market leaders in Prism Monitoring, a fixed-point monitoring solution that provides a system of tracking the movement of an area in all three axes – XYZ coordinates.

Fixed point monitoring systems are used to produce 3D directional vectors, as opposed to Radar, Lidar and InSAR which monitor surface areas only by measuring the distance from the sensor to a surface.


Pangea Geosystems can provide manual, semi-automated or fully automated prism monitoring solutions according to your specific needs and brief. As part of the prism monitoring solution, we also supply the required robotic total stations, or multi-stations, deformation monitoring software, GNSS survey control network, shelters for protecting the total stations from the elements, power sources, weather stations, communications equipment (e.g., 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz Wireless and LTE (4G)), and alarming devises/systems.


Pangea Geosystems provides a range of prisms in various shapes, sizes and quality and can assist you to determine which prisms are best suited to your specific application.


From small L-bar type monitoring prisms for civil and other short-range applications through to 64mm monitoring prisms with certified accuracy of <2" arc seconds or better, we have a range of reflectors to suit any project.


Best of all, with our bulk buying power, we pass on those savings to ensure that our customers are able to purchase the highest quality reflectors at the lowest possible price.

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Prisms - Performance & Characteristics

We recently conducted a study of the technical considerations involved with making a prism selection for deformation monitoring in a mining environment to ensure the highest quality results.


We investigated the unique design aspects that influence the performance of a prism and which prism attributes best suit the conditions for mining/mining sector.


To read the study and see how Pangea Geosystems prisms performed against other mining prisms on the market click here.

Our Prism Range

Rogue Monitoring Prism

Rogue Prism
  • 64mm copper coated prism

  • Long life aluminium hooded canister

  • Individually certified 2" & 5" models

  • A very strong adapter that enables pointing in any direction is included

Droid Monitoring Prism

  • 64mm copper coated prism

  • Weather resistant plastic canister

  • Versatile fixing with both an 8mm female socket and 20mm male thread included 

  • Individually tested & certified 2" - 5" accuracy

Dual Axis Prism Mounts

  • Metal construction

  • Aim prisms with dual axis movement

  • Locks into position when direction set

  • Simple mounting to star iron pickets

L-bar Monitoring Prisms

  • Traditional 25mm or our new 38mm copper coated l-bar prism

  • Aluminum l-bar mounting bracket

  • Suitable for most short-range autonomous monitoring applications

Contact us to discuss the best solution for your environment. 

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