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Laser Scanning Solutions

Leica Nova MS60 + Leica GeoMoS: A break-through in deformation monitoring.

  • First-ever automatic scanning solution in an integrated monitoring system.

  • New n.Vec Technology provides the automatic scan cloud processing, to deliver the real-time deformation information.

  • Highly detailed surface monitoring and wide area coverage.

  • Laser scanning and prism monitoring - combined for enhanced accuracy, quick data interpretation and easy decisions.

  • Powerful 3D visualisation and traceable history of deformations in the scanned area.

  • Scan clouds combined with high resolution image information.

  • Automatic deformation limit checks inside the scan area and real-time alerts via e-mail, SMS or alerts.

Automatic deformation scanning
Leica Geosystems delivers another chapter in their long history of innovation, by presenting the most advanced deformation monitoring solution currently available. For the first time, Leica GeoMoS enhances conventional monitoring methods with automatic scanning of surfaces. Be it a bridge, a roof, a building, mining slope or a natural structure – Leica GeoMos's real-time scanning solution monitors any deformation and makes sure that no movement goes undetected.

Seamless workflow with brand new n.Vec Technology

Leica GeoMoS Scan Wizard guarantees fast, image-assisted definition of a scan area. It can even be defined between prisms, or locations where it is difficult to mount them (roads, monuments, inaccessible constructions, etc). Leica GeoMoS n.Vec Technology provides automatic deformation analysis. Once defined, a scan area can be added to the automatic measurement cycle, ensuring seamless integration with existing Leica GeoMoS projects and an easy start for new users.

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