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System Support
Pangea Geosystems offers support plans for monitoring systems that consist of a range of different hardware and software components that collectively make up a deformation monitoring solution. As an authorised Leica Geosystems Distributor we are focused on Leica based solutions which typically include any of the following;

  • Leica GeoMoS, Spider and other associated software systems

  • Wireless & LAN network solutions

  • Leica robotic total stations and laser scanners

  • Inclinometers, extensometers, piezometers, tilt-meters & other geotechnical sensors

  • Weather stations

  • Data loggers

  • Customised cabling and electronics solutions

  • Solar power systems

Flexible Support Model
Monitoring systems can be very complex and include a lot of different components and customised features or may be very simple with little to no need for external support so naturally it is important that we offer a flexible model for supporting our customers. We aim to ensure that our customers are only paying for what they need or use in their system. 
Whether our clients have large scale, multi-site monitoring systems or a single small scale monitoring project, Pangea Geosystems can provide a support plan to suit.

BYO monitoring system 
Just because your monitoring system was not purchased from Pangea Geosystems, does not mean that we won't support you. Provided you are using Leica Geosystems products we can offer a support plan for your business. Perhaps you are not satisfied with the support you are currently getting or just want to save some money. Contact Pangea Geosystems now for an obligation free discussion on how we can help support your GeoMoS system.   

Customised Support Plans
With three standard levels of support available (Bronze, Silver & Gold) our customers are able select a support plan with the features they want most or save money on a "no frills" support plan. Details of the standard plans are outlined below or contact us to discuss how we can tailor a support plan for you.

Bronze Support Plan
Our "Bronze Support Plan" provides customers with a cost effective no frills support plan. Whenever external support is required to determine the cause of or solution to a problem the customer contacts Pangea Geosystems for help via phone, email or this web page with a detailed description of the problem and we will work through it with them.


Furthermore, our Bronze members receive a 10% discount on any of our standard rates for on-site consultation and/or training services as well as 5% off the RRP of Pangea Geosystems "signature range" monitoring prisms. 

Silver Support Plan
The "Silver Support Plan" is less re-active and more pro-active than the bronze plan. On top of the bronze plan features, an experienced technical consultant from Pangea Geosystems will log in to your system remotely once per month to conduct an audit of your system to ensure that software versions are kept up to date and check for problems that might be affecting data acquisition and quality before providing a report to the customer outlining any areas of concern.

Silver Plan subscribers also receive an additional 5% discount (10% total) on Pangea Geosystems signature range monitoring prisms and 15% off any of our consultation and/or training services.

Gold Support Plan
The top tier of our standard support plans. The "Gold Support Plan" includes all of the features of the silver plan however the remote audit is done weekly and also includes a data integrity check. During the data integrity check our technical support consultant will look for any abnormal data collected during the period such as spikes or steps in the graphs as well as any changes in data quality. Please note that this does not include any geotechnical analysis. If any geotechnical analysis is required please let us know so we can put you in touch with one of our trusted partners.


Gold Plan subscribers also receive a 15% discount on Pangea branded prisms and 20% off Pangea Geosystems standard rates for on-site consultation and/or training. Please contact us for more information.

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