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GeoMos Now! Survey Edition

Are you looking for a manual or semi-automated solution for deformation monitoring?


Leica GeoMoS Now Survey Edition allows for manual or automated importation of standard Leica export formats from their on board  "TPS Monitoring" application. With this new functionality, surveyors are now able to import, analyze, shape and display data in the same formats seen with fully automated systems. With network connectivity all of your manual imports can be completed in the field ensuring results are complete and error free prior to returning to the office. GeoMoS Now Survey Edition is the only tool required for manual deformation monitoring.

If you are looking for a step change in your 3D manual monitoring Pangea Geosystems can also semi-automate your monitoring program. Using our mobile communications/power module, placed along side your field infrastructure, Pangea can provide continuous power to the instrument and a communications link back to the office. Your standard export files are then imported and processed into the GeoMoS Now database automatically eliminating the requirements for multiple field trips.

GeoMoS Now is a valued addition to the fully automated system but also works well as a stand alone application for manual or semi-automated monitoring.

Your investment in Leica GeoMoS Now! is also an investment for the future as it forms part of the integrated Leica Monitoring solution. GeoMoS Now! is a stepping stone to the fully automated system so should you require the need for fully automated monitoring in the future you already have the platform in use for viewing and analyzing data from the automated system.

GeoMos Now! Survey Edition Overview

Manual Monitoring - Conduct your manual monitoring from established locations using the TPS Monitoring application.

Export the data from your device using the native format or CSV.

Transfer Data - For manual monitoring systems upload to the cloud or back in the office via your PC to the SQL database.

With the addition of a Pangea Geosystems power/communications module you can automate the transfer of this data.

Analyze Data - Once all of your data is uploaded you can view all of the deformation at site via the overview. Establish the graphs you require to analyses the data and attach them to your dashboard.

Program GeoMoS Now! to complete and distribute your reporting on an automated basis.

Any Device - As long as you have access to the internet for the cloud based application or your corporate network for the on premise option you can view all of the vital data and graphs from any device, anywhere.

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