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Consultation & Training

It is not at all uncommon to find a project that has invested heavily in cutting edge monitoring systems that, for any number of reasons, are not producing results to the quality that they could be with nothing more than a few little tweaks here and there.


Staff turnover, changes to IT infrastructure, not using the latest software version or updates and advancement in technology are some of the common factors that can contribute to this, so it happens naturally over time.  Pangea Geosystems recommend that any monitoring system is audited and assessed for improvement by one of our specialist consultants as a part of the maintenance program for the system. Although this is on an "as required" basis, we find that an annual site visit is usually about right for most clients.

Compared with our competition, you will find that our consultation rates are very low despite our very high quality of service. We certainly make no apologies for that and our method is actually very simple. When our customers invest in regular and proper maintenance of their monitoring systems there are some great knock-on effects. Firstly, it saves our own support department money by reducing the extra time that is required to support a poorly maintained system. Furthermore, a poorly maintained system usually ends up reflecting badly on the product while our focus is on being known for providing only the best goods and services. In our niche industry, a poor reputation quickly results in the loss of business through word of mouth however, establish a solid reputation and our customers actually become our best salespeople.


We offer any of our clients that have a current support agreement with us, a 20% discount on our consultation rates so that we can provide a service that is more pro-active than reactive by design. If you believe that you are paying too much for consultation and support currently, there is a good chance that your current supplier has a support model that is more reactive. Please contact us here to find out how much money we could be saving your business right now. 

In the same way that a well maintained deformation monitoring system makes it more efficient for us to provide support, so too does a competent user base that have been provided with  training that enables them to troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve or completely avoid issues that would otherwise require input or assistance from our support department.

Pangea Geosystems recognises this and as such, we also provide a minimum of 20% discount on our in-house training rates, just as we do for our on-site consultation rates for any of our clients that have a current support agreement with us.

Our intertwined consultation, training and support model has the following benefits for our customers;

  • Lower cost for maintenance and support services.

  • Lower cost for training and consultation services.

  • Higher level of expertise developed in "on-site" personnel.

  • Higher level of motivation in "on-site" personnel.

  • Lower reliance on external support.

  • Less unplanned system outages and downtime.

These are just some of the reasons that you should enquire about having your deformation monitoring system supported by Pangea Geosystems. Learn more about our support services here

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