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Widely accepted as reliable accessories, surveyors often do not consider the influence that surveying reflectors have on measurements. However, obtaining a high level of accuracy and reliability requires the consideration of all possible effects on the measurements. Understandably, a high emphasis is usually put on the specifications and accuracy of the total station but all too often the role of accessories is not given enough thought towards the intended application and the subsequent results. Various applications require 3D coordinate qualities only in the range of centimetres but deformation monitoring demands much higher accuracy.

Pangea Geosystems provides a range of prisms in various shapes, sizes and quality and can assist you to determine which prisms are best suited to your specific application. From small L-bar type monitoring prisms for civil and other short-range applications through to 64mm monitoring prisms with certified accuracy of <2" arc  seconds or better, Pangea Geosystems has a range of reflectors to suit any project. Best of all, with our bulk buying power, we pass on those savings to ensure that our customers are able to purchase the highest quality reflectors at the lowest possible price.


See how our prisms performed against the competition in our field testing here or learn more about the characterists and influences of surveying reflectors in Leica's white paper here.

For the full range of prism/target and mounting adaptor systems please email or contact our office. 

Leica GPR1
L-Bar Prism
Leica 64mm Prism
Prism Hood
Prism Mounting Adaptor
Pangea 64mm Prism
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Total Stations/TPS Sensors

Leica Geosystems total stations set the standard for precision and reliability. Specifically designed for the demanding requirements of continuous monitoring, they are in a class of their own.

Leica TS16
Leica TM30
Leica TM50
Leica MS50 Multi-station
Leica MS60 Multi-station
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